Welcome Home Baby Lupita!

Friday, March 28, 2014
Wednesday, March 26th, our P.O.S.H.® family got to celebrate something very special.  One of our guys, Raul, and his family got to bring home their baby girl from the hospital last week!  

Her full name is Guadalupe Vanessa Moreno and she was born on October 12th 2013 at only 1.8 ounces. After countless consultations, complications and 3 major surgeries she is happy, healthy and strong and was able to go home with her family on Saturday March 22nd.

We love when we can all come together for a celebration and get everyone in one place at the same time, which can be very rare!  It was only appropriate that we all celebrated this special little girl with a surprise baby shower here in our office with lots of pink and cake of course.

It was a blast to see the look on Raul’s face when he walked through the door and be able to be a part of this exciting time! 

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Color Of The Moment: Gold

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Image via Pinterest
It seems that the color Gold is having quite a moment in everything from fashion to nail polish to interiors to pretty much just about anything you can think of.  We can’t get enough of it if you ask us, whether it’s an accent or full on, we are fans!  The Coveteur has listed Gold on their March’s Most Coveted List and we think that’s a good enough excuse to highlight how great this color is.
In terms of incorporating this color into your tabletop, it’s pretty easy.  Gold goes with just about everything, even silver!  You can use gold with your linens, chargers, china, flatware, glassware, chairs, and even florals.  Colors are such an expression of style and gold screams chic, elegant, and timeless.  

Gold is such a radiant color that it adds an element of design and polish even in the most subtle of ways.  When choosing to use gold there are so many different options.  It can be just used to accent another color or it can be the main focus of design.  Whether you are going full out gold or just using accents, get creative with it and stay forever golden!



1.Resource One linens exclusively at P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals® | Rosette Organza Overlay
2.  Glass Gold Pebbled Charger available at P.O.S.H.®, Photo by Sarah Kate Photography | Arte Italica Gold Charger design by Colin Cowie Weddings, Donna Newman Photography
3. Barcelona Gold China from P.O.S.H. ®, Photo by Ben Q. Photography & design by Emily Clarke Events | Right: design by AK Events, China stemware and flatware from P.O.S.H. ®

4.       Right: Dynasty 24 karat gold flatware | Left: Gold Lyons flatware both available at P.O.S.H. ®
5.       Left: Royal Gold Glassware collection | Right: Gold Floral Glassware available at P.O.S.H. ®
6.       Gold Chiavari chairs available at P.O.S.H. ®

P.O.S.H.® is a Registered Trademark of P.O.S.H.® COUTURE RENTALS TM & © 2014 P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals All Rights Reserved.

Linens, Linens, and More Linens

Monday, March 24, 2014
P.O.S.H.® Preference is only one of many creative outlets of P.O.S.H.® Couture Rentals.  We love to share our ideas and beautifully designed pieces with you each week.  While looking at all our items, it only seemed appropriate to dedicate this post today to linens.

Being in the business of luxury event rentals means that we carry everything you need to throw the party of a lifetime.  And while we are in the business of tabletop design, you can’t really create a great tabletop without a canvas.  Our canvas in this case is linens. 

Here at P.O.S.H.® we are the southwest regional representative for Resource One Inc. linens.  This partnership has brought a new level of couture linens to the area and is a great compliment to our event rentals collection.  As well as having access to Resource One linens we also carry over 100 in-house linens for our clients to choose from.   The linens are each uniquely different and come in a variety of textures, colors, patterns, and designs.  We are positive you will be able to find the perfect linen that will take your table to the next level!  With a collection like that, how could you go wrong? 

Resource One Linens via Pinterest

It is our job to provide you with luxurious event rentals, which means, only the best of course.  We love our linens, and so will you!

A great linen can really make a statement on your table.  It’s all about the details when it comes to putting together a tabletop masterpiece and it shouldn’t be any different when choosing the right linen.  Below are ten styles of linens that are outstanding and should give you an idea of how to style around a linen or vice versa, style around your tabletop items.  

For tips on how to plan on a budget with linens and some tips on linens, check out our post on Linen Love.

 Textured rosette linen from Resource One Inc.

 Gold Petal Taffeta from Resource One Inc.

Glamping with Bows and Arrows 
Black + White Striped In-house Linen

  Resource One Champagne Organza with double Rhinestone Trim

 Black sequin mesh Resource One linen with P.O.S.H.® Gold Place Setting 
and floral arrangements by Dr. Delphinium

 Resource One Amethyst Floral Organza

 Resource One Scarlet Leather Embossed Velvet

 Resource One Green & Blue Floral Organza and Embossed Chiffon linens
with Turquoise Glitter Doy overlay

 P.O.S.H. ® in-house Crinkle Taffeta linen
Photography and Design by Todd Events
Fun Prints
 Black Asian Runner with Gold Trim
over Capri Bark Linen

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