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Friday, October 18, 2013

MUST SEE: In celebration of it's10th anniversary, the Nasher Sculpture Center is presenting the most dynamic public art exhibition Dallas has ever seen with the Nasher XChange. Consisting of 10 newly-commission public sculptures by contemporary artists at ten different sites throughout Dallas. Check out 'Til Midnight at the Nasher tonight where fesitivties will be kicking off with music, dancing, and food. For more on the Nasher XChange, listen to Art&Seek's interview with Nancy Nasher.
NEED: Everyone's favorite designer/artist/businessguru/mom/SoCal gal Kelly Wearstler is still driving us wild with her latest collection of invitations and paper goods for PaperlessPost. Just in time for the holiday season. Get it here
GET: Partners Card kicks off October 25th! Twenty percent off goods and services at over 750 DFW stores with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting The Family Place and survivors of domestic abuse. Get yours this weekend at the POSH showroom
READ: Time Magazine has figured out what we've known all along - that the Lone Star State is "America's Destiny". Well, we won't argue with that one! Read a preview here.
WANT: Pick up complimentary tickets to the Dallas International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show at the POSH showroom so you can get first dibs on the authentic goods from world-renowned exhibitors. This multicolored Chanel purse and 10.06 karat royal blue diamond have our eye. What has yours?

Eat // Experimental Table

Thursday, October 17, 2013
"You should feel like a guest at your event." Never were truer words spoken. When hosting an event, the real question is, "How do I want to be represented?" At POSH, our opinion has always been that the event should reflect you and your tastes. Likewise, we appreciate vendors who do the same by providing the best quality and service, especially when it comes to what goes in our bodies. Cue Experimental Table

Katie and George Brown, the duo formerly of GEORGE Catering, saw a need for the farm-to-table movement to make an appearance at the wonderful events happening around Texas. After moving to a small farm in  Lucas, Texas, where they keep livestock and grow greens, their passion for food was rekindled but with a sustainable slant. They wanted clients to be able to experience fresh, local food, even if it meant inviting them to their backyard; thus, Dinners in the Field was born. Today, we're excited to have Katie and George explain their concept and business. Expect to keep them on speed-dial for your upcoming events.

1   How did the concept of Experimental Table come about?
It has been taking shape for the last few years and then kind of crystallized in our minds this year. We knew we wanted to slow down and have more time with our kids, as well as more space to try new things with food--including growing it and keeping livestock. We decide to move out of the city to Lucas where we have ten acres of farmland. We will be doing “Dinners in the Field” here with a long table that we call “the experimental table”.  Typically we write menus to please our catering clients, so this will be our chance to create food completely for us. If it is well received, we will pass it on to our clients for their parties. 

   Why does locally sourced food hold such significance?
All the usual reasons, like supporting your local economy or reducing pollution by not shipping things across the country. We are now closer to farms and farmers and have a better understanding of what it takes to grow food and livestock. We are learning more everyday and have a better appreciation for the effort and passion it takes to do produce well with this way of life. You'll find food raised using old world farming practices really does taste better and is better for you.

3      What can someone expect when you cater their events? Why should they use a caterer?
We provide professionalism, great service, great food, respect for people and their homes or businesses. Having a party is a lot of work and can be hard to enjoy if you are trying to figure out food, drinks, where to rent china or get flowers, etc. A good caterer can take care of all of the details so you can really focus and enjoy your guests.

4   What keeps people coming back?
Same as the above!

5     Tell us about Dinners in the Field.

Dinners in the Field will be our version of a Super Club type thing. I think people like new experiences, and this is special and unusual. We have been to a few supper clubs, and it is always a little bit exciting--a very different feeling than going out to a restaurant.


      What is your ideal food day

George – Sunday; Katie – Any day the food is made for me.

      Favorite Fall drink? And recipe if you like.

George – Pinot (but that is all year round)  Katie – Bourbon and Ginger Ale

    Some people cook to unwind. What do you do when you’re not working?

George – ride my lawn tractor around 10 acres.  Katie – Laundry, picking up the house, homework with kids, driving kids…..oh wait I am always working.

4    Favorite restaurant for the scene…and fave restaurant for the food:

Not to concerned about the scene. I have had good meals at Oak and FT33.

5   What excites you most about events you put on and events you attend as guest, from big parties to intimate dinners?

I love the table, gathering stuff to decorate it. For me, if my favorite people are at an event that is what makes it fun. We don’t actually attend very many events.  – Katie

The planning process and all the action of executing it.  I like to see innovative food, new ways to do things, d├ęcor. - George


An Opulent Affair // Diann Valentine

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
The scene at TD Jakes Anniversary Party. All images courtesy of MoHa Photography.
We showed you a portion of this event yesterday, but the rest of TD Jakes 35th Anniversary part is well worth mentioning. Diann Valentine showcased her knack for making a large event feel intimate, with stylish service stations for food and several lounge areas. The beauty of a Diann event is that there is always understated elegance mixed with whimsical modern touches to make sure everyone feels like the guest of the hour but relaxed enough to have the fun they deserve. Just one look at this party and you'll be calling Diann for your own Well Lived night, or at least get on the guest list to one! 

The perfect presentation: Barcelona Silver China with a Gold Leaf Cordial

She's got stems, and she knows how to use 'em: Riedel Stemware with the Silver Goblet

Add a modern touch with ghost chairs.
Beautiful bar setup with apple martinis and amazing lighting by BEYOND.

Specialty drinks in Pure Champagne Flutes.

Who's ready for a drink? Stemless martinis ready to go!

Diann designs her own custom linens. Bella Flora floral arrangements.

Loren China Collection

All images courtesy of MollyHauge, MoHa Photography
As seen in Grace Ormonde

Diann Valentine Living Well
Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

Tabletop Tuesday // An Opulent Affair

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Silver Chargers with Floral Elegance Flatware, Silver Goblet, Riedel and Pure Stemware.
You know you're in for a treat when Diann Valentine is behind your event. The wedding and event planner extraordinaire known for as many embellished details in decor to personalized moments throughout the event is the go-to gal for everyone from Usher to Toni Braxton and HBO. To make a milestone moment memorable, Diann goes for custom touches throughout the event, from the linens and tabletop to the decor. So when T.D. Jakes wanted to celebrate his 35th anniversary, Diann showed up in style. Custom linens created by Diann draped king-size tables with metallic elements that set a new silver standard for elegant tabletops. The event caught the eye of the iconic bridal magazine Grace Ormonde and was published in the Fall 2013 issue. We were proud to be a part of the event alongside other DFW vendors, including floral designers  Bella Flora and lighting geniuses Beyond. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Diann and this amazing night. 

The room transformed by Diann Valentine, including her custom linen designs.

A very POSH place setting, indeed: Silver Charger, Barcelona Silver Dinner Plate, Floral Elegance Flatware
Assorted confections were served on our Silver Florentine Charger.

Toast to style with the Silver Goblet and Riedel Stemware
A little gold thrown into the mix with the Golf Leaf Cordial.
Nothing says you're sitting in the lap of luxury like custom chiavari chair covers.
Designer and event planner extraordinaire Diann Valentine shows up in style for the big event.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for part two of these opulent affair.
All images courtesy of MollyHauge, MoHa Photography

Diann Valentine Living Well
Grace Ormonde Wedding Style