Toast: Happy Memorial Weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012
Left: Get festive with our new SMU Blue chiavari chairs. Right: Rattan square charger, crystal charger, lily server, and new blue-green glassware.

Planning Tips: Mindy Weiss and Heidi Klum

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Mindy Weiss is more than just a wedding planner--she's reached Hall of Fame status with plenty of celebrity clients recommending her good work. Hilary Duff and Nicole Richie. Yep. Gwen Stefani and Fergi. You bet. And that's just the beginning. She was featured on Heidi Klum's AOL channel, and it was too good not to share. Our favorite tips include spicing up your table with an incredible charger (we have one for every mood and occasion)and the best linens. Watch for cameos from two of our favorite bright prints -- the Blue/Green Floral Organza and Fuchsia Paillette Organza from Resource One, Inc., exclusively at POSH Couture Rentals.

Pinterest: POSH Pals Contest

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
We are officially addicted to pinning. To celebrate our love for all things Pinterest and our recent nomination for the Best of Big D Reader's Choice Poll (Have you voted yet? Remember, you can daily until May 27th at, we are launching our first ever Pinterest contest. The winner will receive 25% off his or her next POSH Couture Rentals order. Read our contest requirements below and start pinning!


1. Follow us on Pinterest at and create your own Pinterest board titled "POSH Pals" filled with at least three images from our inspiration boards. Be sure to tag your links with #POSHCoutureRentals.
2. Email a link to your Pinterest board to with "POSH Pals"  in the subject line. Please include your name and contact information.
3. Contest begins Wednesday, May 23, 2012, and ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday, June 10, 2012. 
4. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates.
5. Questions or comments? Email with "Pinterest" in the subject line.
6. The POSH team will vote on their favorites and let you know the winner by June 15th.
7. Offer valid on in-house rentals, which excludes Resource One, Inc. products. Must be 18 years or older to participate. 


Tabletop Tuesday: Hilary Duff

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Mindy Weiss designed these tablescapes for Hilary Duff's wedding. They're too good not to share! We love how the reception design perfectly blends white glamour with a southern rustic charm. This looks like it could be a wedding fit for a celebrity or a sweet reception at a private residence. 

Silver beaded chargers, White Cotton Twill Chair Covers from Resource One Inc., exclusively at POSH Couture Rentals.
Simple rustic setting with clear plates and Ivory Chiavari Chairs.

Linen Love: We've Got You Covered

Monday, May 21, 2012

If you’re planning an event—big or small—you’re planning on a budget. Believe us; we understand! At POSH, our intent is to offer luxurious elements that will make an impact on your event. So how to get the most bang for your bucks? Roberta Karsch, CEO and founder of Resource One, was recently interviewed by one of our favorite event planners, Colin Cowie, and she shared her expertise on where to splurge and where to cut corners when planning for a fabulous affair. There is a reason POSH exclusively retails Resource One, Inc. linens: We want to give you the very best because you and your guests deserve it. Hence, here are our favorite points from Roberta’s interview with Colin along with our personal notes:

“The more tactile the linens the better.” –Karsch

Think in dimensions and textures to add a spark to your tables and chairs, whether it be with table linens, napkins, or chair covers. Do you remember the last time you set at a table with a chair cover? For some of us, the last time that happened was when we were at the bride’s table at our own wedding. Make this a staple at your next event, and we promise you guests won’t forget the evening. Indeed, they’ll feel like royalty. 

Champagne Ruffle
Chameleon chair back.
Courtesy of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Norma Lopez Molina Photography

“When you’re on a budget, you can cut corners by splurging on a fabulous check-in table.” –Karsch 

First impressions are important.  So if you can’t decorate an entire event with silver paillettes and saffron soutache, you can knock the ball out of the park with an entry table that catches the eye. Bonus: If this is a table with a check-in or sign-up sheet, the décor alone will bring the guests to you.

Silver Satin Buffets. Private Event. Image courtesy of POSH Couture Rentals.

“For a more lux look, go for an overlay fabric to place over your heavyweight base linen.” –Karsch

Every lady knows the importance of accessorizing. Think of layering your table tops with overlay fabrics like layering a great belt over a dress. Just remember that the fabric underneath is important, too. “Too many brides use a very cheap base cloth underneath to cut corners but this only detracts from the overlay, ending up being a real waste of the bride’s money,” says Karsch.

Courtesy of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Norma Lopez Molina Photography
Smoke Glitter Dot linens with silver Duchesse satin.


Color does in fact set the tone for your event.  Whether you want a bold tone (hello, Gold!) or a subdued, calmer hue (thank you, Blue), you get to set mood for your guests. If you have questions on what hue is best for you, come in and talk to Meg and Julie, are two Sales Directors who each have a keen eye for color. We can show you how to swath a formal reception or find the perfect linen to compliment your own décor for an event or dinner at home. Literally, we have you covered. 

Courtesy of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine and Mike Colon Photographers
White and Black Ribbon Taffeta fabric with black Louis Ghost chairs.

“The base cloth should hit the floor or even a bit longer so it puddles a bit at the bottom.” –Karsch

In terms of emphasizing the quality of a beautiful fabric, make sure the (properly hemmed) table linen falls to the floor. 

Courtesy of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine and Cesare Bonazza Photography
Custom-fitted Shantung and Cameo Paillette tablecloth.

“The best expenditure is to get rid of ugly hotel chairs and rent nice chairs instead.” –Karsch

We couldn’t agree more. Seating is important and, at times, overlooked. (How many times have seen the typical, dull plastic chair at a reception or dinner?) We have a variety of choices that are perfect for your event. From Louis and Victoria Ghost chairs  to white ballroom chairs and bamboo folding chairs, not mention our favorite—the Chiavari, POSH will make sure you’re sitting pretty (and comfortably!). 

Ivory Chiavari Chairs heighten the elegance of these traditional table tops. Image courtesy of POSH Couture Rentals.

“The main thing for me is the weight of the base cloth, also called the actual tablecloth.” –Karsch

Again, we couldn’t agree more. Weight matters. Whether you’re picking up your flatware or wanting a luxurious table linen, the heavier the better. Looks can lie for only so long—the closer you get to a table, the easier it is to spot what is wrong; but the weighted feel of fabric or a utensil in your hands immediately lets you know you are holding the real deal. 

ourtesy of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine and Mike Colon Photographers
Platinum Petal Taffeta tablecloth and clear Victoria Ghost chairs with
Platinum Duchesse Satin and Rhinestone Buckle chair treatment.

If you want more fabulous points from Colin or Roberta, check out their websites:

To see more of what we offer, check out ours!