Holiday Menu: The Grape

Friday, November 16, 2012
Today we continue where we left off Thursday with more delicious goodness from Executive Chef Brian C. Luscher of The Grape. (Click here for yesterdays recipes and an overview of this Dallas favorite.)  Brain is bringing the holidays home with an amazing mushroom strudel and pork roast that will have everyone coming back to the kitchen for seconds. We tried out the baked brie and can't wait to cook up the whole menu for family and friends. (P.S. For those of you whose idea of cooking involves heating up leftovers in the microwave, The Grape also caters!) Brian has been kind enough to share all of the recipes on this menu. If you would like a copy, please email (Take our word: You'll definitely want to!). This menu is perfect for a fall fete or social gathering. With Brian sharing recipes and POSH providing festive tabletop, you'll have the holidays covered!

 Paper design from Paperless Post / Menu from The Grape / Gold Bead B&B Charger from P.O.S.H. / Patina Bark linen from Resource One, exclusively at P.O.S.H.

Check out The Grape's full menu and offering here.

Holiday Menu: The Grape

Thursday, November 15, 2012

POSH ladies love their china, but we're just as enamored by great gastronomical concoctions as a beautifully set table. We know we're not in this alone. Who isn't a slight foodie at heart? So of course we had to share secrets from our favorite Dallas chefs. 
When we were dreaming up holiday menus—keeping in mind the trained and expansive palette of the POSH girls and our readers—we knew there had to be a place for The Grape. The Grape pulls historical weight in Dallas. Early contributors to the fate of this well-received restaurant included restauranteur Alberto Lomboardi (an early waiter), film-maker Julian Schnabel (part-time chef), Frank Bailey (original chef in 1972), and national wine critic Diane Teitelbaum (the first waitress/manager). But it’s Chef/Owner Brian Luscher and wife Courtney that have kept the seats of this award-winning restaurant filled with its bistro charm and innovative menu. Recent awards include “Best Brunch, Best Fries, and Best Calamari” by Dallas Observer; “Best Neighborhood Bistro” by Modern Luxury Magazine; and one of the “Top 8 Brunches in Dallas” by the Dallas Morning News. (By the way, we concur!) Executive Chef Brian C. Luscher isn’t too shabby on the awards front either. He was recently voted “Chef of the Year, 2011 Eater Awards” in Dallas. 

We asked The Grape for a holiday menu and drink to serve in our new Hot Toddy glassware. Below is just a taste of what Luscher and his team has to offer. And just an FYI, we made the recipes below for the images, so we know you can too. Check back tomorrow for the full course.

Serve it up: 
Spiced Cider - The Hot Toddy served on the Gold Beaded B&B Charger, P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals / Mushroom Bark linen from Resource One, exclusively at P.O.S.H.
Pear Crisp -  Gold Leaf Cordial on the Gold Beaded B&B Charger,
P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals / Grape Metallic Weave linen from Resource One, exclusively at P.O.S.H.

Check out The Grape's full menu and offering here.

Pour on the Charm: The Hot Toddy

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Meet the Hot Toddy. Just in time for the social and holiday season, this sleek and stylish demitasse is perfect for cocktail hour and after-dinner drinks. It's also elegant enough to make it to brunch or a well-appointed ladies lunch. The possibilities are endless. We asked a few of our favorite Dallas chefs to share how they would incorporate this delightful addition into their menus, so check back tomorrow for festive recipes from our award-winning friends. 

We think these two make a perfect pairing. How would you use them?

New to the showroom: The Hot Toddy. Resource One Mushroom Bark linen, exclusively at P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals.

The Gold Leaf Cordial from P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals.

Tabletop Tuesday: The Fall Feast

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
During the holidays, the biggest gatherings revolve around the table. So you can't just have any old linen taking center stage for such important events. One of our favorite fall/winter linens is the Resource One Umber Taffeta with Chocolate Applique. Its rich design and texture sets the perfect tone for a fall feast. Plus, its unique color can transform pulls from the elements of the tablescape. Bring in bright china patterns and florals for a modern take on tabletop or play up the darker tones for a more traditional look. We love it either way. Which do you prefer?

Get the look from POSH Couture Rentals: Pewter Chiavari Chairs and chocolate cushions with faux fur chiavari chair treatments / Silver Rimmed Water Goblet / Cut Glass Charger // Umber Taffeta with Chocolate Applique Linen and Champagne Organza Overlay with Rhinestone and Fur, Resource One Linens, exclusively at POSH Couture Rentals

Get the look from POSH Couture Rentals: Gold Pebbled Charger / Pure Glassware / Elise Cut Crystal Goblets // Umber Taffeta with Chocolate Applique Linen and Amber Louis Ghost Chairs from Resource One Linens, exclusively at POSH Couture Rentals

Toast: Good Hair

Monday, November 12, 2012
We know, we know. You don't feel like a great hostess unless you look and feel your best. Fortunately for us, we are not far from Victory Park, where we have friends who make it their duty to keep Dallas perfectly cut and coifed. We're talking about Chad Rookstool Salon, of course. With the grand opening of the new salon right around the corner, you can get the cut and color that will help you get through the holiday season looking poised and polished. This is Dallas after all, and POSH hair is important.