Tabletop Tuesday: Velazquez at Meadows Museum

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
The Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University has always done a fantastic job curating exceptional exhibits in Dallas. Now, their collaboration with Madrid's famed Prado Museum has set the bar even higher for not just Texas but museums nationwide. In fact, the latest exhibit features important works from Diego Velazquez which art historians now believe to be the first portraits of Spain's King Philip IV. Take advantage of your close vicinity to SMU and see what even The Washington Post is calling "the most important exhibit devoted to Velazquez in the U.S. in more than two decades." (The exhibit will run through January.) We were honored to be a part of the Velazquez Black Tie Dinner, designed by SMU's Marin Fiske-Rankin and photographed by Tamytha Cameron Smith. To learn more about the Prado - Meadows collaboration, visit here.

The Velazquez Black Tie Dinner. Credits: Photography - Tamytha Cameron Photography / Event Planning - Marin Fiske-Rankin, SMU / Catering - Denise Lentz, SMU / Location: SMU Meadows Museum / Rentals: POSH Couture Rentals

 Velazquez Black-Tie Dinner Tabletop:
1. Gold Pebbled Glass Charger, Black & Gold Collection Banded Dinner Plate and B&B, Schott Zwiesel Pure Tritan Glassware, Dynasty 24 Karat Flatware.
2. Elise Cut Crystal Glassware.
3. Catering by SMU's Denise Lentz.
4. Black Lamour table linens, chair covers provided by SMU.
5. Entry table with Damask linen.
*Unless otherwise noted, all rentals listed provided by POSH Couture Rentals. 


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