billet-doux: The envelope please

Thursday, January 17, 2013
billet-doux: A love letter, short and sweet. 

Our work inspires us everyday, but in order to live a truly inspired life, we have to look outside the box just labeled "tabletop" and channel our own creativity through the great work of others. Whether it's travel, fashion, art, people, or reading, this will be a place to share with you our inspiration du jour - what makes us smile or influences how we present our work. This is a  letter of love that will be at times important, at times whimsical, but above all else, a short and sweet way to point out what we love.

Up today, a few gorgeous envelope clutches that strike our fancy (we did say whimsical at times). Besides, we all need something to hold all those RSVPs. 

Images courtesy of one of our favorite sites: FEYT


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