POSH 101: Giving a Toast

Friday, September 14, 2012
With Fall galas, weddings, and main events just around the corner, it's time to brush up on the art of toast giving. We've combined the pointers that have helped many a guest remain in the gracious good standing of their honoree. Take these notes to heart when planning your next soiree. To add a little something special, it's always a nice gesture to toast the guest of honor in their native tongue. Salud! 

1. Gold Filigree Etched Glassware / 2. Schott Zwiesel Pure Tritan Glassware / 3. Onyx Glassware / 4. Elise Cut Crystal Glassware / 5. Lily of the Valley Champagne Flutes / 6. Amber Trumpet / 7. Gold Scroll Glassware / 8. Classico Champagne Flute
Salud - Spanish
Slainte - Irish
L-chaim - Yiddish
Prosit - German
Kanpai - Japanese
Sante - French/Quebec

Do you have any tips on toasting? We'd love to hear them!


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